When it Pays to Look Back!

My husband lives and breathes my Walk & Talk ethos, and (annoyingly to me) smashes through 30,000 steps when he is on coaching and conference calls working from home! However, an incident last week highlighted how you should always be aware of your surroundings and the impact you have on others. It's all too possible to be 100% focused on the task in hand, but forget to be “present”.

My husband started his calls at 7.30am one morning last week and, as he always does, used the woods and village surrounding where we live as his walking route. As he was finishing a call at 10.30am, he reached our front door only to be tapped on the shoulder by a gentleman and a posse of other people in anoraks accompanied by their dogs.

“Hey mate - What are you doing around here? We’ve been following you for hours as you looked really suspicious and we’ve called the police!”. The Neighbourhood Watch at their finest.

We've lived in our village for 12 years now, and my husband passes these same people while out running four times a week. However, roaming around the village and woods in a hoody and parka coat obviously conveyed a very different image on this occasion!

Don't get me wrong; we're absolutely delighted to have an active Neighbourhood Watch, and that we sleep soundly in our beds at night because of it. You'll also be pleased to know (as was I!) that my husband was not arrested. However, what is important to remember is to always “notice” what is around you; have the self-awareness to realise that even when you think you have no impact on others, you can still do so.

Realise your surroundings; 
Aspire to be a good member of the community; and
Do look back, every now and again at least!

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