About Jardine-White Consulting

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About Jardine-White Consulting

Jardine-White Consulting offers HR services, learning & development support, and business coaching… with a difference. How so? Well, our solutions are bespoke and specifically tailored to the needs of the business, of course. However they are also very much focused on respecting the human element too. And because we are aware we’re working with individuals, within teams, within small, medium or large sized businesses, we always seek to ensure that both business and people needs shape our methodology.

From the start, we look to establish a true business partnering relationship by taking a collaborative approach. And when you choose to work with us, you can be assured that we are driven to deliver the best for each client through the value our expertise and knowledge brings and the tailored customer service we offer.
Founded by Jacqueline Jardine in 2011, the business ethos is based on her heart-felt desire to help people. As she says, “It’s all about applying a human approach to ‘people management’ and putting the ‘H’ back into Human Resources.” Put simply, we don’t have a typical HR and development view of things because we don’t believe our clients want that either.

About Jacqueline Jardine

Jacqueline’s experience has seen her live and work in Germany – which was great for improving her business German, in which she is fluent – and manage the US arm of Linklaters from an HR and Development perspective, whilst still based in the UK. But the common thread that’s run throughout her career is that she’s always been determined to make a difference in the realm of HR by being herself. Some might say that’s simply because she is naturally a caring, enquiring, diligent, intelligent individual who enjoys being an enthusiastic member of a team. However Jacqueline realised very early on that that didn’t actually matter… because it was her authentic approach that made the difference. To get the most from people, you have to coach them to realise their strengths, so they can aspire to maximising their talent, and then go do their best whilst enjoying the journey.

A little side story to explain…

When Jacqueline was in her 30s, she was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to have some one-to-one personal dance coaching. Dance? You say. Bear with us here… She loved dancing, was always the first up to boogie on a night out, but would also always be the first to point out that she’d never had any formal training. So this was her chance to change things. What Jacqueline discovered to her surprise, though, was that it actually changed her. Through the personalised coaching approach she experienced, she found that learning more about something you want to get better at not only helps you to realise your strengths, but also helps you to aspire to be the best you can be at it… And this in turn gives you the motivation to go and do more. And yes, she loved every minute of it!

The moral of the side story is…

Having established Jardine-White Consulting, we are now keen to ignite that same passion, realisation, aspiration, and action in everyone with whom we work.

Jardine-White Consulting Ltd is registered in England and Wales (company registration number 09700665). Our registered office is at 37 Jennings Road, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, AL1 4NX.

VAT Registration No: 297384840

business coaching service