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Jacqueline Jardine Chartered MCIPD

HRD Consultant and Executive Coach


Throughout my career I have prided myself in developing and getting the very best out of people.  I have always had a passion for supporting others to Realise their potential and Aspire to be what they can be, along with the encouragement to take action and Do!

I have over 24 years’ commercial experience that covers retail, professional services, automotive and office products manufacturing, not only here in the UK but also in the US and Europe. 

As a senior HR and Learning and Development professional, I now apply all my HR and Development knowledge and experience to help clients and support, inspire and add value to other businesses.

Welcome to Jardine White Consulting Ltd

My experience and skills as an executive coach and NLP Practitioner also enable me to enhance individual and/or team interpersonal skills, effectiveness and performance, whether in running day-to-day operations or larger scale business transformation.

I am enthusiastic and energetic with one overall aim: to deliver the very best service to my clients. I achieve this by spending time getting to know you and your business and as a result building a sustainable relationship.  This way I can deliver to you a bespoke service that is tailored to your needs and gives you results.

My open and honest approach allows for a conducive business partnership with clients who welcome an impartial, independent voice to support and challenge them in developing themselves, their teams and their business.
Whether you just need someone independent with a commercial focus to:

  • “bounce some ideas off of”; 
  • ensure you comply to the latest employment legislation; or 
  • develop and deliver a high quality bespoke solution that helps you optimise your people’s contribution to performance


My original and individual thinking will benefit you, your team and your company.



You Have Been Seen…..

A poem by Jane MacAllister Dukes

You have been seen; it’s no good now, hiding truth of who you are
You have been seen, we know the truth of who and what you really are
You are a vast amazing being with gifts beyond your wildest dreams
Vibrant, new, imaginings are bursting at your seams

The source of you is infinite, well beyond a human measure
Beyond all thoughts that you may have, or any human pleasure
The vibrant, wondrous, source of you can’t wait for you to realise
Just, what you can co-create, unfolding soon before your eyes

Come on it says, come dance with me, breathe, relax, and expand
Engage with me, the source of you, come on and take my hand
The source of you is magic, it resides in every cell
Your knowing tells you this is true and now it wants to yell

Wake up, don’t hide, come on rejoice, the time is now and here
Listen to your own source voice and then let out a cheer
When you step up, and really own, the alchemy of all of you
At last you’ll be the one you know, a leader, tall and true.


Jardine-White Consulting Ltd is registered in England and Wales (company registration number 09700665). Our registered office is at 37 Jennings Road, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, AL1 4NX.

VAT Registration No: 297384840

business coaching service