What has 5 Letters, a lot of Meaning, and a Huge Impact if not Present?

What has 5 letters, a lot of meaning, and a huge impact if not present?


I had wanted to write something connected to Mental Health Awareness Week last week; about what it means to me, and also how I support individuals, leaders, managers & businesses in this area.
It made me think about some of the activities I know some companies were putting on to raise awareness around mental health last week, and other businesses who were simply creating an environment where people could just come together and talk. However, in order to do that, there has to be a certain level of trust.

What does trust mean to you? Can you articulate this?
What does trust depend on for you?
How does someone earn your trust?
How could someone lose your trust?

Consider this; if somebody you were having a conversation with had to rate the level of trust between you, would they rate it as highly as you would hope on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being unconditional trust?
As a leader or manager, you must create trust with each member of your team in order that you can have open conversations on any subject, and at the same time be true to your self!

Therefore, Realise what you need to do to encourage people around you to talk; 
Aspire to create a high level of trust with those individuals in your teams; and
Do consider what it would take to improve your trust score with someone who you perhaps trust less. What could you do to encourage this also?

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