I get to...

It's quite amazing what we can realise when we put our mind to it and have an open, growth-based mindset - perhaps even more so in these strange and unprecedented times!

For me personally, the positives of the current situation are : 

  1. Quality family time. Being able to be at home with my family, though still missing the rest of my family around the corner or many miles away terribly! I appreciate each of you and love you all so very much, never forget that!
  2. Respecting my health. Realising and recognising how fragile life is.
  3. Being present. This is always something for me to work on, and I'm still realising that I can work on this even more.
  4. More frequent communication. Talking more; in the absence of physically seeing people even more phone calls, WhatsApp chats and text messages take place and make me smile - thank you!
  5. Reaching out. Catching up with friends and family that I haven’t been in touch with for a while and making that time to talk to people - how important this is.
  6. Being able to give virtual hugs. Good though they are, they don’t quite cut it so all my family, friends and loved ones had better watch out when we no longer need to self-isolate!
  7. Learning new skills and being grateful for the skills I have. For me, this is being trained to deliver interactive training virtually. I'm fortunate to be able to use this skill even more at present and share my knowledge with others.
  8. Finding creative and innovative ways to do things. We have permission to challenge the status quo, because what is that at the moment anyway? It feels liberating.
  9. Appreciating past opportunities. I look back on chances I had to travel etc. in the past, and look forward to being able to do so again.
  10. Feeling thankful for the small things. Well, these things may not be so "small" - a hair cut and colour being one! I have visions of my husband cutting my hair soon, which is taking me back to when my Dad used to cut my fringe as a wee girl... my fringe was never straight! Love you Dad!

Realise what you have, and never take it for granted;

Aspire to be the best version of you. The one thing we can control is our attitude and how we behave; and

Do tell all the people that matter to you that they do!

Blog Posts

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    I wrote a blog a while back called Agile Working and Mindsets - Does it Really Make Sense to Travel 4 Hours a Day? I couldn’t quite remember when I wrote it so I went back to check; it was in October 2019. Nine months on and the world is in lockdown, and on re-reading my blog I realised that the work I'm doing with a client at the moment, and the questions being asked, were things I raised in this blog. Therefore, I thought it would be good to revisit some of these points and see where people and companies currently are with it all.
  • thumb_speak-238488_1920.jpg

    The psychological work contract will never be the same again. People are now asking "Do I want to do this? What do I need in order to do my job? What is important to me?".

  • thumb_star-wars-1724901_1920.jpg
    The disruptions to our daily routines, uncertainty about finances, concerns about becoming infected or losing loved ones, and isolation are creating unprecedented levels of stress. No one is going to be at his or her best under these circumstances; the COVID-19 pandemic has created a perfect storm for our dark sides to emerge...
  • thumb_goodness-440313_1920.jpg
    I've always been interested in peoples’ values and what motivates them.  At this moment in time, employee motivation has been thrust into the spotlight more than ever.
  • thumb_sunrise-1756274_1920.jpg
    The future world of work has changed. This change has been aggressive and due to a virus, and not (as has been talked about for years) as a result of AI. How we feel about the way we work and how we interact with organisations has radically changed, forever.