The Gift of 2020 - What a Year!

This year has been a very different year compared to most. My end-of-year message to my wonderful clients, partners and followers is usually where I quote a Christmas song, but this year I've decided to include one of my favourite songs which I feel depicts 2020 and how many people have been.
It's been great to see people "being human". This is the very ethos of my business, and I hope to have always lived by this value in my career. This year has, at times, been less than easy - but I've seen so many great positives too. I feel I've learnt about myself, and have become even more comfortable with who I am as a leader.

These are my thoughts below. Rather than the 12 days of Christmas, they are presented in the 12 months of 2020!

January - A fresh new year
February - Challenge the norm
March - The world turned upside down
April - How quickly we learn!
May - Will it ever end?
June - A ray of sunshine
July - Don't count your chickens
August - What holiday?
September - School's back
October - We thought we were getting back to normal..?
November - Take two
December - Who knows? But that's OK!

Realise, aspire to, and do what M.H. Clark asks you to do:

"No, you will never be perfectly perfect.
But you will be incredibly, strikingly, heart-swellingly wonderful.
You will be a human being who is doing everything you can with everything you have.
You will be a human being who is getting better at the work and challenge of life.
You will be a human being who takes what you are given and makes something remarkable with it.
In fact, you already are!"

Best wishes for a peaceful festive period. I'm signing off from now until January the 4th, but please contact me in the meantime and I'll reply ASAP.


Blog Posts

  • I first met Paul at an The Art of Work Ltd event a few months back and we instantly connected and then realised we had quite a few things in common.  Paul's passion is in delivering mental health awareness to individuals and companies from a heartfelt desire to make a difference.  I am so glad Paul agreed to write a guest blog.  Thank you Paul!

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  • I was on holiday the other week with my family and I was thinking of what we could do to make our “holiday” different from what has become our “normal” working from home (WFH) and virtual schooling.

  • Sunday morning and it is lovely to not rush up; however, I still reach for my iPhone to read my emails and articles on LinkedIn.  Though perhaps not the best thing to be doing, and reflecting on what is the mental impact on me about doing this??  However, I do read some great articles that give me inspiration and ideas for my blogs.  This morning was no exception!

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    Last week talking to friends and clients about how they were feeling the words that kept coming back to me were "psychological safety". The word "Psychological Safety" may currently be topical, although we have long discussed the "Psychological Contract" within HR and for me the two are very much linked.  Without "the belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes", how can any employee or member of staff feel they have a connection to an organisation? 
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    Working with some coaching clients at the moment where their focus is on career transition and catching up with people in my network, it is great to see for a significant number of people - a "new year; new role".  It got me thinking that for a lot of people, last year could have made them reflect about what they do now?  Is their current role aligned to their values?  Or they may simply be saying each day "what on earth am I doing?"