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  • The past 18 months have had an impact on each and everyone of us, for some in a positive way, for others in a less positive way. However, each one of us will have definitely changed in some way.
  • Let’s just consider what is happening in a lot of organisations at the moment and the conversations that are taking place around the future world of work. There are shifts in workforce composition which are a growing challenge and will continue to be.
  • With the potential for the boundaries between work and home to be blurred, would we see an uprise in inappropriate behaviour?
  • This very famous quote from a cleaner in NASA is for me is the epitome of good performance management.
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  • At the start of this year the Education Secretary said there should be no need for “snow days” now that children had been able to learn from home using on-line platforms and virtual classrooms.

    Blended learning is a phrase that has been around since 1998, when the first web-based instruction was launched.  Organisations could simply upload material, eLearning assessments, and assignments via the web, and learners could access them with a click of a mouse button.