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    With the further lockdown in place, it got me thinking about all the benefits of mindfulness, coaching, and being outside in the great outdoors - health-wise, relational, and even corporate.
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    Have you asked yourself this question? It could be a whole manner of things, and for each one of us it's probably something completely different. For me, it's my family and dancing as if no-one is watching!
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    I wrote a blog a while back called Agile Working and Mindsets - Does it Really Make Sense to Travel 4 Hours a Day? I couldn’t quite remember when I wrote it so I went back to check; it was in October 2019. Nine months on and the world is in lockdown, and on re-reading my blog I realised that the work I'm doing with a client at the moment, and the questions being asked, were things I raised in this blog. Therefore, I thought it would be good to revisit some of these points and see where people and companies currently are with it all.
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    The psychological work contract will never be the same again. People are now asking "Do I want to do this? What do I need in order to do my job? What is important to me?".

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    The disruptions to our daily routines, uncertainty about finances, concerns about becoming infected or losing loved ones, and isolation are creating unprecedented levels of stress. No one is going to be at his or her best under these circumstances; the COVID-19 pandemic has created a perfect storm for our dark sides to emerge...