What were the issues you wanted to address through coaching/mentoring?

A difficult work situation had led to a total loss of self-esteem, confidence, motivation and to an extent hope of how I could remove myself from the position I was in.

How did you decide that coaching/mentoring with Jacqueline was for you?

The sessions with Jacqueline were offered by my employer to improve the above.

What is it that Jacqueline offers that makes her different/standout?

Jacqueline was kind and patient but also encouraged me to remove what had been inhibiting me by encouraging me to relive past successes, identifying my key skills and ultimately through that rebuilding my confidence.

What difference has the coaching mentoring made to you/your business?

It has led to an unrecognisable change. The glum me has gone, and while confidence is still a little thin, I can feel myself returning slowly but surely. The ability to laugh at myself, motivation to achieve and desire for self-improvement have all returned and crucially, I have found the new job I needed. I am beyond grateful for the three sessions we had – before we started I genuinely couldn’t have hoped they (and the challenges Jacqueline set between) would have led to all of the above.