My boss introduced me to the idea of “walking and talking”, inspired by his wife Jacqueline Jardine's "Walk and Talk" Coaching programme and we now do it religiously on our weekly call. I find it really works for me as I am a keen multi-tasker so love the idea of doing exercise whilst reviewing my working week with my Line Manager. I also find it helps to clear my head and to think differently about things than I think I would if I was taking the same call in an office sitting stationary in a chair.

I tend to walk around my local park, which is really beautiful, and is a long enough route for a 30 minute call. From experience it is really important to pre-plan where you walk as I once did a walk and talk in Bristol and hadn’t planned my route, which meant I got lost!

For me, I have started to put a post-it of what I want to cover on the call on my phone. This was the one thing I struggled with about walking and talking at first as I do like a list.

I like it that we are both walking and talking together and it’s really nice when I hear my Boss saying morning to people as they walk past him.

I’d say give it a try with a like-minded individual – what’s the worst that can happen? – You could get lost, but you could always use your phones Google maps after to get you back on track!