What were the issues you wanted to address through coaching/mentoring?
To gain the confidence to go out and run my own business and to use the knowledge of someone who had done it already.

How did you decide that coaching/mentoring with Jacqueline was for you?
I did make a conscious decision to take redundancy in order to have coaching support.  Jacqueline came recommended.

What is it/was it that Jacqueline offers that make her different/standout?
Jacqueline was very easy to work with, she had a more informal approach though still focused me on what I had to achieve.  Her knowledge, enthusiasm and easy going manner gave me confidence.

What difference has the coaching mentoring made to you/your business?
It has given me a business!  Jacqueline’s coaching/mentoring support has allowed me to go out and believe that I can do it and she has given me the confidence to run my own business.