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We provide a range of coaching services, designed to either complement our HR and L&D Consultancy Services or as a stand-alone service, for executives, individuals and teams.

Coaching to support and inspire… for every level in your business

How do new managers learn to establish boundaries? How can leaders inspire teams to pull together? Who challenges your thinking and pushes you further?

At Jardine-White Consulting, our quest is to get the best out of everyone, for a business and for themselves. We believe in delivering bespoke coaching solutions that are tailored to match the needs of both the organisation and the individuals involved; no one size fits all. And once we’ve done that, we believe it’s important that each individual then goes on to coach and inspire their teams and colleagues too.

Developing people through tailored coaching and mentoring

Business Coaching For All 

In our careers, we all start somewhere and pass through many stages of development before we reach our last position before retirement. Traditionally, firms have invested in coaching their executives once they’ve reached a certain level, to push their personal boundaries and grow into outstanding managers. However, at Jardine-White Consulting, we believe that coaching is of tremendous benefit to every individual at certain times, regardless of where they currently are in their journey. And those benefits also become a great advantage to the employer wise enough to support their employees along in this way.

Our approach, therefore, is to offer bespoke coaching solutions within an organisation to individuals needing a little extra support to move forward. Whether they’re starting off in the world of work, seeking to change direction, or aspiring to take a big step up, our programmes are specifically tailored to match the needs of each individual and the business in which they work, to ensure the best results for everyone. It’s a particularly rewarding aspect of what we do. And we love it.

Individual & Team Coaching

Businesses have the best chance of thriving when their employees are excelling individually, whilst also working constructively and supportively within their team. At Jardine-White Consulting, we seek to facilitate an environment of pro-active self-development through coaching, which in turn enables managers to become superb coaches themselves.

Our business coaching programmes allow individuals and teams to learn and practise in a safe environment. They will discover what it means to be a coach, how this differs from being a mentor, and also how to establish boundaries, particularly when in management. We are always keen to align our approach to the needs of the business, and this means it can vary from being centralised and structured, to organic and emergent, or indeed somewhere tailored inbetween.

Career Transition Coaching

It’s very common today for people to pursue different careers at different times in their lives. In fact, it’s believed that people will have at least 3 distinct careers across their working lifetime now, so getting the transition right can make the difference between rewarding success and a stressful journey.

Through one-to-one career transition coaching, we can help you foster self-confidence, resilience and creativity to fuel your next transition. Through identifying what really matters to you in a role, we’ll help you develop your skills and strengths and work with you to translate these into a CV and LinkedIn profile that sells and markets your personal brand in the best way.

New Business Owner Coaching

Starting up in business is both exciting and exhausting. As a new business owner you have to wear many hats and become an expert in juggling. Of course, many of the hats one has to wear don’t necessarily play to one’s strengths or interests, so finding a coach and mentor to offer support can be a real boon in those early days.

At Jardine-White Consulting, our approach is to be an objective sounding board within a safe impartial environment for a new business owner. We will challenge your thinking, whilst also offering expertise in a particular area. We’ll ask those difficult questions you may not be comfortable asking yourself, and we’ll coach you to apply your skills to solving the issues and implementing your ideas. With our support, you will gain the much needed clarity that’s critical to start-up success.

Tailored, supportive coaching for every stage in your business career

Additional skills and accreditations

At Jardine-White Consulting we have learned the value of keeping up to date with new ideas, methodologies and tools, because they can be of great use from time to time. Additional skills we have in our armoury include:

•    Insights Discovery
•    Odin Development Compass
•    Thomas International E.I. and PPA
•    NLP Practitioner
•    IOEE mentor
•    My360plus
•    Plus ILM Level 7 Executive coach and leadership mentor.

To find out more about how our coaching and mentoring solutions could help you, your staff, and your organisation, please call us on 07813 098676 or contact us online here.

Realise. Aspire. Do

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business coaching service