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Developing your managers and their teams… because leadership grows from within

Development of knowledge and expertise within a business is an excellent way to foster loyalty, improve productivity, and promote employee personal growth. Effective leaders and inspired teams help a business to flourish in the good times and pull together when things get tough. Understanding how to get the best out of each individual and encourage their development, therefore, will undoubtedly benefit your bottom line. At Jardine-White Consulting, we believe this starts with successful recruiting processes, and then blossoms with well thought through learning and development programmes.

Helping you realise the potential within your business

Learning & Development for Large Organisations​

Larger businesses, who already have an in-house HR operation, also benefit significantly from having a highly experienced senior learning and development specialist too. This need not always be a full time role, however, and thus working with Jardine-White Consulting can give you access to the knowledge and expertise you need, when you need it. We can design, facilitate, and deliver a wide range of leadership, management, and team programmes that will define or further enhance your development framework.

As a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CMIPD), we can provide you with the professional, best-practice based learning and development advice, guidance and support that you need.

Learning & Development for SMEs

For a new start business or SME, having access to an experienced learning and development specialist, without having them on your headcount, can make the difference between ticking over and flourishing. At Jardine-White Consulting, we can look at your business as a whole and develop a tailored learning and development programme to suit your business needs to help it grow. You want to focus on building your business, and we want to help you realise the potential of your staff to achieve just that.

We have worked with many SMEs, developing ad hoc training solutions to enhance leadership talent and team performance… And we can do that for you. Whether your staff need personal coaching, help developing team and individual effectiveness, or strategies to embrace change, we can help at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time trainer in-house. 

Creative, bespoke learning and development solutions tailored to your needs

Examples of learning & development projects we undertake

Being licensed practitioners for Insights and Thomas International, as well as a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), we can provide your business with inspiring, personal, behavioural based training in the following areas:

•    Leadership & Management Development
o    Programme design – for both face-to-face and virtual classroom delivery
o    Training programme delivery – both face-to-face and in the virtual classroom
o    Difficult conversations
o    Career management
o    Understanding and implementing change
o    Confidence and assertiveness
o    Personal Coaching: impact and brand
o    How to coach your teams

•    Assessment Centres
o    Design
o    Delivery
o    Recruitment and Interviewing

•    Performance Management 
o    Appraisal training
o    Team and individual effectiveness
o    Introduction to HR (Human Resources)

You may be seeking a learning and development professional to work on a retained basis, or you may just prefer access to skills and expertise ad hoc. Either way, our approach is always to understand how your business operates in order to understand properly how learning and development can further support your objectives. 

Additional skills and accreditations

At Jardine-White Consulting we have learned the value of keeping up to date with new ideas, methodologies and tools, because they can be of great use from time to time. Additional skills we have in our armoury include:

•    Insights Discovery
•    Odin Development Compass
•    Thomas International E.I. and PPA
•    NLP Practitioner
•    IOEE mentor
•    Virtual classroom design and delivery
•    My360plus
•    Plus ILM Level 7 Executive coach and leadership mentor.

To find out more about how our learning and development solutions could help you get the most from your workforce, please call us on 07813 098676 or contact us online here

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business coaching service