I went onto this 4-day course (Effective Management Development Training Course), having been recently promoted to Team Leader and having never had had any management training whatsoever. This was meant to give me an introduction on managing people, which it did and exceeded and all within a short period of time.

I found that the course, via coaching, mainly focused on the manager's behaviour and attitude and made me understand the basic do’s and don’ts. I gained a lot more clarity about various questions I had beforehand. Within these 4 weeks, I was given tools to work out what needs to be achieved or resolved in the office and how to go about it, and I also grew much more confident as a Manager. I will certainly find these tools helpful for the future.

I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to improve or develop their relationships at work with staff at a lower level but also at a higher level. It provides techniques on how to communicate with people and therefore understand them better as well as, and mostly, yourself.