Walk & Talk Programme

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 At Jardine-White Consulting Ltd having a healthy mind and body has been a priority, though at times, less than easy to sustain.  Last September, I made the conscious decision to go out walking every day.  I had suffered an injury with my foot that meant I couldn't run, and had to change my whole way of keeping a healthy mind and keeping fit.

Whilst out walking in the forest near my home, I came up with the idea of sharing my new found passion with others and aligning it to my business.  And so my "Walk and Talk Coaching Programme" was born!

Coaching: Whether you want to focus on your next career step, pardon the pun! Or the thing that's keeping you awake at night, doing so whilst being outside and walking brings lots of benefits.

You can choose to "walk and talk with me" where I go out walking or somewhere near where you live, the choice is yours.  One decision, however from that one decision, comes many benefits:

1. Coaching from a different perspective
2. Clarity of thought
3. A sense of community
4. Mental well-being and resilience
5. A level of fitness and activity; those secondary gains; a change of state
6. Time management; effective use of time
7. New connections
8. Inspiration; new ideas
9. "Stepping over the fence"
10. Fresh air

So if you would like to experience these benefits and your own personal benefits, come walk and talk with me, and take that first step towards your personal coaching programme by either calling us on 07813098676, or completing our form.

business coaching service