3 Months on from GDPR - Where are you now?

A lot can happen in three months, and so I thought it may be useful to do a follow up on GDPR.

If you're involved with a small business, you may still be working through your obligations. It's important to keep going and complete this exercise, and not become distracted!

Irrespective of the size of your business, if you ignore your legal obligations around GDPR you could risk damage to your reputation, penalties, or even potentially prosecution.

As a small business, your brand and reputation are key. It could take something as simple as sending an email to the wrong person, or including two or more people on an email without getting each person’s permission to share their email addresses, for you to have a potential breach of GDPR; one that you will have to handle sensitively and appropriately.

In order not to get distracted during this important time of compliancy, my top three pieces of advice would have to be:

  1. Make sure you develop policies & processes that take a balanced yet compliant approach that fits with your business. Consider the type of business and both how you control and how you process data, if you do both. For many of you, you may only “process” data. Be clear on this!
  2. Ensure that if you have employees in your business, or even if it's just you and a business partner, that each of you know what GDPR means to your business and how to deal with a breach. If you have employees, make sure that you have made them aware of their rights and provided training so that they fully understand what constitutes a GDPR breach and how to escalate this appropriately. This, for me, is absolutely key!
  3. Keep things simple and don’t over-engineer. View your GDPR compliance as a way to simplify and update the way you control and process data and information; only now ensuring that you document this, should you ever need to demonstrate the fact!

For me, the GDPR has been a great way to de-clutter and ask myself "what is the reason I am holding this information?" It's also been a reminder to check retention dates, and realise how quickly the time has gone since I started my own business and how some information I now don’t need to hold - brilliant!


Realise that you need to keep going, and complete this exercise for your business;
Aspire to make this process as easy as possible for your business; and
Do keep going, and don’t become distracted!

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