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    If, as an organisation, you can create an open culture where your employees feel able to talk about mental health, menopause, and perhaps other subjects which have previously been a "taboo", you can support people in both staying and thriving in their work.
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    I'm writing this Christmas article to show my appreciation and gratitude for all the support from friends, colleagues, partners and clients who I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with this year.
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    There are only 7 days left until Christmas, which I always feel seems to put people in a better mood. So, what about those people in our lives who always make us smile? The family and friends who bring out the best in us; who know us, and who we can be ourselves with? Being the "authentic you" is important!
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    I often refer to the power of language, and the words people use, when I'm facilitating management and leadership development workshops.
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    When I'm working with my clients, it always amazes me the number of people who tell me that they spend far too much time in ineffective meetings. When I respond with "Who is it that agrees you will attend?" or "What would happen if you just didn’t go?" I normally receive lots of blank looks.