Executive & Business Coaching

business coaching service

Jardine-White Consulting Ltd provides a range of coaching services to either complement our HR and Leadership & Development Consultancy Services or as a stand-alone service for individuals and teams.

Business Coaching

Large companies benefit from a senior Leadership & Development expert who has designed and implemented/introduced business coaching frameworks and programs into various large organisations, as well as coaching and supporting all levels of employees from Board members down.

At Jardine-White Consulting Ltd we pride ourselves in getting the best out of everyone, and creating an environment where this can happen through developing the people in businesses who have people management responsibility to be great coaches!

Our business coaching programmes allow individuals and teams to learn and practice in a safe environment what it means to be a coach, how this differs from a mentor; and how do you establish the boundaries when you are a line manager, for example.

We can share with you and support you in creating a business case for coaching, decide what is the right approach for your business with regards to coaching, for example: centralised and structured; organic and emergent or tailored middle ground.

To find out more about our Business Coaching please call us on 07813098676 or contact us via the on-line form.

Executive Coaching

As a business owner, it can be lonely at the top!  I know myself, in running my own business, you all of a sudden wear lots of different hats, and those hats, don't necessarily play to your strengths, nor what you are interested in.

Executive Coaching and working with an Executive Coach and Mentor, can be the impartial, objective sounding board that you need, as well the person to challenge your thinking and/or provide expertise in a particular area.

At Jardine-White Consulting Ltd, our Executive Coaching gives us permission to ask you the questions, you are less likely to ask yourself to support and challenge you and your business work through a particular issue, project or idea.

As an SME you get an Executive Coach and Mentor who can support you personally as well as your business providing that impartial and objective sounding board.

As an ILM Level 7 accredited Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, as well as an NLP (Neurolinguistic) Practitioner, we can support you and your business work through issues, create a way forward and give clarity to be able to see "the wood from the trees"!

To find out more about our Executive Coaching please call us on 07813098676 or contact us via the on-line form.

Career Transition Coaching

Today, when it is believed that people will have at least 3 different careers and this figure is only likely to rise in the future, with an increase in the "gig Economy" and "Portfolio Careers", it is important that you have the personalised support of career transition coaching that Jardine-White Consulting Ltd can offer you.

Through 121 career transition coaching, we can provide you with confidence to make your next transition, through developing an understanding of your skills and strengths, identifying what really matters to you in a role and creating a CV that sells and markets you plus a LinkedIn profile that promotes your personal brand!

To find out more about Career Transition Coaching please call us on 07813098676 or contact us via the on-line form.

What Coaching We Offer

We can provide coaching support in relation to:

  • Career transition coaching, whether this be retirement, redundancy or personal choice
  • Preparing for your next role
  • Setting future goals both personal and professional.

Realise, Aspire, Do

Jardine-White Consulting Ltd Realises that each individual coaching relationship is unique and delivers a bespoke service to match those needs, allowing you as the Coachee to Aspire to be the best you and be and take action and Do!







business coaching service